I finally asked for help

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Hi Lovlies,

I hope you are well and dealing with everything that is happening around the word.

Sorry if I’ve been MIA, I was just not in a space of writing and inviting everyone into my thoughts. I been very transparent with you about my journey of health, the issues and it’s been more than a month since my last post and lets just say, something has changed.

Mostly mentally but still progress 🙂

I finally asked for help.

I went to see a councillor and kind of opened up about the why and what’s behind Binge eating. Why I seem to always choose food and binge eating as a coping mechanism to Stress.

I also went to see a nutritionist, someone to help me up and help me be accountable for health and wellness .

Both these things changed my life. Changed it for the better,

Anyway, I’m just letting you know that it’s ok to ask for help when you are struggling. It’s ok to admit to yourself that sometimes your need professional help and it doesn’t make you weak.

I feel so much better mentally, I feel like a burden is off me, I haven’t Binged in a month and I’ve lost 5 kgs these 5 weeks alone which wasn’t surprising but here we are, sometimes we have to fall a few times to get the strength to get back up.

If you are struggling like me ask for help, if you don’t have access to professionals even a friend or family member will do, even me. Asking for help allows us to surround ourselves with people who can make us feel good and facilitate further development of us which is just the most beautiful thing ever 🙂


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