30 Days of Working Out

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Hi Lovlies,

Hope you are doing well (*in this weird pandemic world that we will in)!

As you already know, I been in a bit on a funk with my wellness journey and it’s been a struggle to say the least.

The whole gaining and losing weight while surviving this pandemic was hard and is still hard! So..I started a goal for myself to get myself moving.

The Goal was to workout everyday for 30 Days

30 days of walking, doing online workouts or simply dancing for 30 to 40 minutes were all counted as working out out, after all, any movement is a movement

So what did I do?

For these 30 Days, I made sure that I was active everyday for 45 minutes to an hour everyday. The choices I made made a big difference sometimes, the hard decisions were made for the benefit of myself.

For example, I usually drive to the bus stop and then take the bus, so when I come home, I usually get off the bus and drive home. However, I made the decision to not drive and walk to my bus stop which took 25 to 30 mins. Now, let me be honest with you..did I do this everyday? Hell no, I did this for 2 to 3 times a week. The goal was to start moving and this definitely motivated me to move my body a little more than usual. For the days, that I didn’t end up walking or my ass was lazy to walk outside, I ended up doing a Lesmills on demand online workout or I ended up doing a dance workout on YouTube.

Motivation to workout everyday was very hard so to help me be more successful I created a community around me to help me out with this challenge. I wrote this goal out and put this on my fridge so myself, and everyone in my household knew what my goals were. I also put in reminders on my phone to complete this activity and also, got my lovely husband to do this challenge with me. Having someone else to do this with me, made me feel like I wasn’t alone and had someone to lean in for support.

What did I eat in this journey?

Although, this journey was solely to kickstart my fitness journeys, no journey is complete without nourishing yourself in the best way possible. So, I downloaded this app called Yazio and started tracking all my food. My goals was not based on Macros but based on a calorie goal of 1500. I made sure I cooked most of my meals and stuck to a calorie deficit for most of the week. I do have to admit that not everyday was a calorie deficit day, with birthday parties and team dinners. Sometimes it was hard to stick to a certain number of calories per day but that is life.

I tried my best to make healthier options whilst also having an occasional slice on the side.

How do I feel?

When I first started this challenge, I felt motivated to do something for myself. But as I went through the days, sometimes, it wasn’t the best for my mental health. For example, if I didn’t have time to workout I would think about this all day, and think about how I can fit a workout in. If I didn’t workout because I was unwell, I would think about this very deeply and that I am betraying myself by not sticking to a schedule.

I am a bit of an overthinker so this wasn’t the healthiest for me, but my husband would reassure to me that Its Fine. It’s fine if you don’t workout one day, Nothing will happen, workout tomorrow. These words of encouragement actually made me feel like I wasn’t a failure because sometimes these negative thoughts, really get to me and prevent me from feeling positive about myself and my journey. So pro tip – Get a husband (lol)

What did I learn?

I learned that I can do this. Above, everything I learned that I am motivated to do challenges and I should never under estimate myself.

Will I do this again?


But with a few tweaks. This goal was to solely get me up and moving, and motivated about fitness but now I want to challenge myself. So this month I started doing the Less Mills fast Burner challenge and a Pole fitness class which I am super excited about.

The goal of a challenge like this, is to get off that couch and move. It’s to discover yourself and understand that weight loss is sometimes a mental battle. Its about sticking to something for a long period, and not giving up. The benefits definitely outweigh the negative thinking so challenge yourself, you may surprise you 🙂

Kind regards,


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