The COVID rollercoaster Continues #health #weightloss

Hi Guys,

Hope you are doing well in the merry world, It seems like this pandemic never ends, sometimes it seems like we are doing well and then behold- the country suddenly shut down 😦

and with everything, my weight has also increased. I weighed myself last week and I was 100KG’s

I don’t know what I was expecting after the mindless eating but definitely not the weight gain, this roller coaster of being in lockdown then, not in lockdown is really affecting my mental state and stress.

Stress = More eating

But Alas – we don’t give up right? This is my journey and I need to be responsible for my own actions. There is no one else to blame but just me. So I thought about this and I definitely need to make some goals for this.

I would like to lose 20kgs which is equivalent to 44 pounds in the next few months.

Its scary to say this but I am more determined than ever. Actually, since last week I’ve lost 2 Kg’s which is very exciting indeed 🙂

Anyway – just want to say Hi, show my journey and Hope you guys are doing well!

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Lots of love,


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