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HI All,

As I am on this weight loss journey, I find there are a lot of people who judge the choices you make and the choices you don’t make.

Recently influencer Nancy Gonzalez who is on her own weight loss journey was shamed by someone at the gym.

This person actually took videos of her working out and sent it to their followers with laughing emojis and claiming that her workouts are not good because she is still Fat etc

The weirdest thing to me is that this girl was pushing a sled at the gym WITH WEIGHTS. Do you know how hard that shit is??? I did it once and I was sweating from my head to my thighs…

Plus, this girl has lost several pounds. When you are obese it takes longer than smaller or regular size bodies to lose weight but judging someone for not losing weight fast enough, is just ridiculous.

So what do you do when you have the urge to shame someone at the gym?

  • Take breath and remember to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!
  • You are at the gym to work on yourself, sooo how about working on yourself
  • Finally, mind your own business.

So please as a fellow medically certified Obese person I would like to inform you, not to shame bigger people in the gym. Going to the gym is already hard enough with worrying whether you are doing things correctly.

And if you are a person who worries about this happening. Think about your goals and forget these haters. Unfortunately, we can’t change people’s opinions in what they think and do. Instead, take a breather, understand why you are going. Take a support person or start working at home to increase your confidence. There is a lot more supporting you in this world! 🙂

Kind regards,


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