A healthy French Toast #health

Hi All,

Here is somewhat healthy, Low calorie French toast that will satisfy your cravings. This recipe has been inspired by Greg Doucette. (If you don’t know who he is, look him up on Youtube, he’s the small yelling

I used two pieces of white bread, the cheapest super market bread that I can find. The bread it self came up to 140 calories. Then I made a mixture of egg whites, cinnamon and stevia.

So stevia and Walden Farms is not exactly ‘natural sweeteners’ but in terms of losing weight they are a better option as they contain little to no calories.

Plus, like is it really going to give you cancer? Show me enough research and then maybe, I will change my mind lol

You can also take out the ‘fake’ sugars and use fruit instead, to give some sweetness but personally I feel more satisfied with my recipe below. In total less than 200 Calories for this recipe 🙂


2 pieces of white bread


1 teaspoon Cinnamon

Walden Farms chocolate syrup

100g Egg whites


Mix egg whites, cinnamon and as much as Stevia as you like.

On low heat, cook the bread untilll toasted on both sides

Top with chocolate syrup and berries




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