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Hi All,

Am I the only person who wants a lot of food but low calorie food?

Is that even possible?

I am adhering by the idea of Zero calories No problems methodology and below are a few snacks that has helped me reduce binge eating and keep on track of my goals.

I hope these three snacks help you with your weight loss goals as well ! 🙂


Weightwatchers Jelly has such low calories that you barely need to count it, plus so many flavours ranging from lime to strawberry so you never get bored. I use a litre of water with the 11g packets of Jelly and always have it in my fridge. Whenever the cravings hit, I have something delicious to feast on.

Satisfaction Level: High

0.89 NZD each


Popcorn is an amazing option that is rich in fibre and very filling. However, it does depend on which brand you choose. The Pams popcorn is the most economical option we have in New Zealand with 176 calories for 1 serving of the extra butter popcorn.

However, if you are lucky to get your hands on some smart popcorn, gobble it up as that is about 100 calories per serving which is amazing!

Satisfaction Level: High

$1 NZD each


The healthier option of the two and Kale can be purchased for about $3.50 for 175g (NZD). However, can be on the pricy end which does become unaffordable. Instead, of buying kale or Kale chips, grow fresh Kale at home which is actually super easy and nutritious.

To make the kale chips, add some spices into fresh kale and air fry/bake until crispy.

Satisfaction Level: Medium

(Lets be honest, it’s nothing like potato chips but a guilty free option)

Hope you enjoy these recipes!

Thank you, once again for joining my Blog.

Love of Love,


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