Another Day, Covid Strikes Again

#health #Civid

Before I start the blog, I want to do a disclaimer, Covid is horrible and I know that I am privileged that I have a job and my family is ok during this time. This blog is simply my perspective about how this has affected my mental health and life goals. Please keep in mind when reading this blog.

HI All,

Welcome back to this ever so non- interesting blog , but for real, am I the only one who seems to be driving this rollercoaster in healthiness?

Some days Its easy and I’m literally on top of the world, counting my calories and making sure I become active but then I seem to watch the news….then we are back in lockdown.

So what’s so bad about lockdown? Somehow, it puts me in a negative space where I over think the world and forget about my wellbeing. Which in fact ,crazy, because during COVID, you are supposed to take your health seriously but my mental health seems to be get in the away in my progression.

Instead, of giving up fully, I’ve decided to take one day at a time.

Some days are better than other days.

Some days you eat a whole pack of biscuits and ice cream and that is ok.

After all, this is a JOURNEY!

A Journey of..




A journey nonetheless.

Its also strange to me that we gain weight over time but refuse to accept that losing weight and changing patterns will be an overnight process.

Anyway, just a PSA, If you are on the same mental aspect as me, It is ok, afterall, we all seem to be struggling with the journey.

Lots of Love Always!


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