Low Calorie Pizza

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HI All,

Back on the health track and it has been hard I tell you. I been looking at ways that I could possibly eat everything I like but that has low calories.

Can I eat Pizza to lose weight?

According to multiple YouTube videos from Greg Doucette, you can in fact eat pizza to lose weight. The trick is to find everything you like, but low calorie, high volume foods.

So this philosophy I took into heart. How can I make a low calorie Pizza?

For this ‘pizza’ I used two basic grocery store wraps. Two wraps came to 264 Calories but most importantly I got 10 of these wraps for $3.50, a whole week of Pizzas??

I topped with ‘pizzas’ with so many vegetables and tomato paste, and it was absolutely delicious. It was obviously not as good as pizza but definitely a good alternative.

Enjoy! Make this recipe your own!


2 Wraps (Countdown)

Pizza Sauce (Leggo AU)

50G Pastrami

10 g Shaved Parmesan (Ornell)

Spinach, onions & mushrooms


Top the wraps with tomato paste. Top with vegetables, pastrami and shaved parm.


451 Calories/56g Carbs/27g Protein/12.3g Fat


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