Body Confidence

Gaining weight during quarantine?

Hello Guys,

I am Back.

Actually I stopped blogging when the whole Covid situation occurred.

Actually a lie, even before that, I gave up this blog.

Why? I really don’t know because I like doing this but sometimes I feel like I am not doing as much in regards to my journey of health. I start to judge myself when I give into cravings. I compared my body to others and sadly, seeing that my progress is not as fast as everyone else’s is pretty Shitty.

I really took a lot of time off to enjoy life and to start enjoying this journey that I am on. But then COVID happened.

COVID somehow lead to every ‘influencer’ going live on a fitness workout. whilst also baking…? I mean aside from these positives, it was a scary time being under lockdown and I can’t even tell you how many lives were lost. It was a truly a global downhill and here I am depressed because I am not taking my health Journey seriously…

Why am I hard on myself?

Environmental factors, global contagions effect us and sometimes, we need to let it effect us.

During this time, I baked and made LITERALLY every Sri Lankan food that can be imagined. And god damn, I ate every bit and lord, I was happy and living my life. I was happily gaining the weight.

Nevertheless, gaining weight happens to be part of my journey.

Gaining weight during this contagion and unrest is ok.

This is a journey. We must accept that it’s not easy.

Sometimes, we have to climb a few mountains to get to our goal.

I believe in myself, and I believe in you!

I am very happy to be blogging again, and I hope you come back and enjoy my content!

Kind regards

Misses Fernando

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