Struggling with Everything

I’m not sure if you guys can relate but I am struggling  a fair bit with my health and fitness goals these days.

Whenever I eat full healthy food, track my weight but when I stand on the scale and it doesn’t move. Then I go crazy and eat whatever I want because well…eating healthy didn’t work for me right. What’s the point if the scale doesn’t change?

This weekend alone, I confess I had about 3 donuts.

I’m not sure why I struggle, it might be because I put so much of my success in seeing the scale move. It might be because of everything happening around the world. Maybe working from home gives me too much access to food.

For whatever the reason, I tell you I am struggling.

But this fight is not over.

I’m going to keep going. I’m going to change my schedule. I’m going to make this journey exciting.


ahh this journey continues !



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  1. growthspurt says:

    Keep going! So what you had three donuts!? Yesterday, I ate a Jamaican patty along with a full meal of chicken and rice. I knew I should not have had that patty, but I let myself have it anyway lol. Just make sure you hop right back on your diet. It’s a journey for a reason. You’re supposed to struggle. I am on a weight loss journey too! I am 7 lbs down and I am not giving up! So keep it up, girl!


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