Why you need Protein Powder for Weightloss

Hi Team,

Please note I am not a health professional, this is my opinion and what has helped me to be on top of my weightloss.

Protein Powder


Protein powder is a supplement recommended when you start a weight loss journey but do you need it? A definite no. But why do we drink it? When you are losing weight, you are on a calorie deficit. This means you are consuming less energy than what you are used to. This leads to the body using other sources of energy. When you work out, especially in the beginning you damage your muscles and they must be repaired. Protein goes towards the repair of muscles.

The addition of protein shakes into the diet, increases protein intake which means more sources of energy available for muscle repair. Protein Collage powders actually goes a step further in assisting with body repairs further, there are different protein powders for gaining weight too.

In particular, in regards to weightloss, have a protein shake when you feel like a snack or something sweet. There is so many flavours and protein shakes generally are of low calorie. Just make sure you don’t add a bunch of additional extra things into the shake and watch the calories! ๐Ÿ™‚

Protein Powder doesn’t have to be the boring Shake. Instead, if you don’t like shakes or consuming the same thing – Make it a bit interesting. Protein Oats, balls, bars, cookies and cakes are something you can try.

Protein powder doesn’t have to be intimidating.

If you choose to take it, Protein powder helps with weightloss and some companies allow samples before your purchase.

Find something that you like, it will benefit your journey highly! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of Love,


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