Quarantine Recipes

Quarantine: Bake Potato

Hi Everyone,

With Everything happening around the world especially with job losses happening I thought to start some cost saving recipes. These are on the cheaper side and easily accessible during Quarantine or Lock down.

We are going to make the potato top. Get your kids involved as this is the easiest thing that can be made 🙂

Yay! I am already so HYPED. This is a serving for 4.


1 can of corned Beef

4 large potatoes with a more thicker Skin

Spices (Stock up if you don’t have already)

12 tbs Cheese



Boil the potatoes until slightly Soft.

At the same time, turn on your pan and put 1/2  cup shredded onion with any spices you have. I used paprika, garlic and Pepper. Once the onion is translucent, add the corned beef and cook until the onions change to a darker colour. Break up the corned beef so it should look like mince now.

Once potatoes are done, cut open the middle,and scoop out the middle. I call this the naked potato mash.  I usually only scoop 1/2 of this mash out and with a small spoon but don’t worry if it breaks apart. Once you add in the cheese and bake, it sticks everything together.

Add the corned beef mix and one tablespoon of shredded cheese into the semi hallow potato. Then top with the naked potato mash. Do this process again. There should be two layers of corned beef and two tablespoons of cheese.

Put these potatoes back in the oven and cook for 5 mins at 180 Degrees. Then take it out and top with the final tablespoon of cheese.


What is the size of the potato?

In New Zealand we have potatoes the size of a medium hand  so I’ve used this.

What do you mean by spices?

Powder spices cost around $2 (in New Zealand) and last awhile. I would say salt, pepper, paprika, garlic and chilli and the vital ones to update any dish. If you are like me and like experimenting there is turmeric, masala, curry, cinnamon and love powdered and so much more! Indian shops or Asian shops have spices at such a low cost compared to general stores so try them first!

Is corned beef healthy?

If you’re paying attention to your portions sizes and staying within this limit, corned beef isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but many people tend to consume more than that. In larger portions, you could be taking in way more calories, fat and sodium than you intend. In this recipe, we use one can and divide it by four people. It is also very cost friendly as I bought mine for $2 dollars and it feeds four people.

12 tbs of cheese? (This refers to Tablespoons)

You might be confused of why I’ve put cheese in Tablespoons. Its mainly due to the fact that there is already fat in this meal so by sticking to three tablespoons of shredded cheese we still  ensure we get enough of the taste (but not overindulging)  I definitely believe you can have everything in moderation, the portion sizes determine whether something benefits or hinders the body.

Try this out and Let me know 🙂

Lots of Love,





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