Body Confidence

I Hate Myself

‘I hate myself,’ the words that are up most detrimental not only to your physical health but mental health. Yet, why do we always say things like this? I am trying to figure this out myself to be honest but one thing I’ve learned is be KIND to yourself.

No one else will take your side but YOU. So why would you not support yourself?

I guess when you see media or people with better physical attributes we immediately go into criticising ourselves which is so crazy. We compare ourselves to people so much and why does it affect us in the negative way? I guess if we are insecure with ourselves and aspects then things like this does upset us. I am sorry if this is too harsh but any hate on your body does come from our own insecurities so what do we do to make it better?

Be KIND to yourself. Its easy for me to say, stop comparing yourself and stop following these kinds of people but that’s not realistic at all. Instead…. I would say learn to love your body even the things that your may criticise. Stop using negative connotations when you describe yourself instead, concentrate on the parts of your body that you do love.

Loving and learning to love your body is a journey and  journey I hope you become successful in 🙂


Lots of Love,


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  1. Amen Beautiful!!! This is something that is so relatable. But you speaking out and being strong is so inspiring and will help so many. The images that we see on social media are not worth our time.


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